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Steve Peterson
Can the 2 weeks be divided over time for 2 or 3 separate indicidents ?
Dawn Apple
What was the exact date of the change for healthcare workers?
Steve Peterson
When calculating the additional 10 weeks of FMLA can it be intermittent and even broken into 1/2 days particularly for employees dealing with children doing virtual learning and sharing these duties with a spouse or other caregiver ?
Nancy Nicoll ONeill
We are a small employer with a total of 16 staff, which includes physician owner, as well as part-time and full-time staff. We feel that providing 80 hours of COVID coverage would be a great financial strain on our business, especially since we were closed for 11 weeks. We've advised all employees we are claiming the exemption, is that ok?
Nathan Morgan
Has there been further discussion on how PPP will be handled from a tax standpoint.
Michael Riddick
PPP Question - I'd assume that if the banks and SBA don't actually rule on a particular loan's forgiveness until 2021, that it won't be taxable until 2021. Assuming it is taxable?